We enjoy working with children and warmly welcome them to Top Smile clinic. Our hygienist and oral therapist focuses on children's dentistry at our practice.

Our children's dentistry includes routine clinical dental treatment. We look after children as they grow into adolescents and become young adults.

Good dental care starts in childhood. When you make sure that your children’s teeth are taken care of, their risk of developing dental caries becomes significantly lower. The following tips are essential to keep in mind for protecting your children’s teeth.

You don’t have to wait until your children start getting their permanent teeth to take them to the dentist. In fact, you should take them for an initial visit when they’re around 3-5 years old. This helps them get used to sitting through dental exams, which makes these visits easier as they get older.

Although your child’s baby teeth will be lost naturally, ensuring they stay healthy and strong is important to avoid dangerous infections and prevent the development of crowding and poorly aligned adult teeth.

During your child’s first visit at TOP Smile Clinic, we will conduct a thorough examination of their teeth, gums, jaws and bite to ensure any developing problems can be corrected at the right time. We can even schedule your check-up at the same time as your child’s to give them the confidence from having your teeth examined.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring element, which at the right levels has major benefits for your children’s developing teeth. Fluoride is able to be absorbed into the enamel of the teeth to make them much more resistant to cavities.

Professionally applied fluoride at TOP Smile Clinic can also help reverse damage by early cavities through a process called remineralization

Brush and floss your children’s teeth at least twice a day, preferably after meals, to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Introduce your children to brushing when they get their baby teeth and get them used to a daily routine of brushing. You can start flossing your children’s teeth when they start growing closer together, typically between two and six years of age. Make sure you use children’s toothpaste when brushing for better protection from tooth decay. Plan on helping your children brush and floss until they’re old enough to do so on their own, typically around 8 years of age.

What your children eat has a big impact on their chance of developing tooth problems. Encourage your children to eat healthy snacks, such as fresh vegetables, rather than lollies and other sugar-filled foods. The sugar in these foods can lead to a higher amount of plaque build-up, which increases the risk of tooth decay. Keep in mind that many fruit juices contain high amounts of sugar, so it’s important to provide your children with healthy drinks as well. Keep Teeth and Gums Clean

When your children’s molars come in, these permanent teeth often require extra protection from decay. The surface of molars contains many grooves that food can become trapped in, leading to decay. Talk to your dentist about whether they would recommend fissure sealants for your children’s molars and any other teeth that are at an increased risk of tooth decay. Dental sealants are coatings placed over these teeth to cover the grooves, which helps keep food and dental plaque from building up on these surfaces.

Following these tips on a regular basis is the most effective way to keep your children’s baby and permanent teeth in good condition. The combination of dental care at home and routine visits to your professional dental care can help prevent tooth decay and ensure that your children receive prompt treatment for any problems that are detected early

We recognize children need special care. Our goal is to set them on the path for a lifetime of exceptional dental and oral health. Speak to us about the Australian Government’s recently introduced CDBS (Child Dental Benefits Scheme), where eligible children aged 2 to 17 years can get treatments which include check-ups, radiographs, and restorations etc. worth $1000 over a period of two years.

A Gentle Approach

When we welcome children to our TOP smile clinic, we want
By approaching dentistry in a gentle and compassionate way, we can eliminate fears about the dentist, making it easier to incorporate regular dental visits into an overall health routine. We avoid scary language, so your child never feels nervous about treatment. Instead, we describe treatment in terms that kids understand and educate them on the importance of good home care.

Each child is unique, and we will recommend treatment based on your child's unique oral health needs. We maintain open communication with parents so that you stay well-informed about the status of your child's dental health.

Paediatric/children dentistry Includes:

Dental examinations, Diagnosis, Cleaning, Scaling, Polishing teeth, Filling cavities, Extracting teeth under local anesthetic Taking x-rays of teeth and jaws Applying sealants using demineralising therapies Taking impressions Educating and motivating our patients to maintain good oral health Promoting oral health by providing education and information

We are conveniently located Shop 1A/ Building A 7-9 Kent Road Mascot.

If you’re living or working in or near the Sydney CBD, you can easily find us , So for those looking for a caring children's dentistry environment, consider TOP Smile clinic for your child’s regular maintenance check-ups and ongoing care as they develop and grow.

Your child's smile is important to us. We welcome you to call for a booking or to bring your child along to your appointment so they learn that the dental clinic is full of friendly face that will care for their smile and to establish a good foundation for the future of their smiles.

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