Do You Want A Top Smile?


Most people have something they would like to change and improve about their Smile. Our teeth go through so much on an everyday basis and our smile often changes for many different reasons from ageing to medical conditions to tooth decay.

Getting the smile you desire starts with an appointment with your dentist. It’s that easy.

Your dentist is the top person to consult, as they are able to give advice on how they can give you the smile you desire. The changes that can be made can improve not just the appearance of your teeth but your oral health.

Below are some of the common treatments that can help you achieve your top smile:



Teeth whitening is a common services provided as it removes stains and discolouration from the teeth ultimately improves the overall colour of the teeth. This a treatment that can be received at your dentist or from various brands of at home whitening kits.

It’s important to consult your dentist either way so you get both the best results and don’t do any unnecessary damage to your teeth. Booking an appointment with your dentist will provide you with professional advice as to whether teeth whitening is to best option for you.



Realigning crooked teeth and corrected skewed jaws can make a big difference to only the appearance of your teeth but even make it easier to maintain good oral health. Straighten teeth has a great deal of an impact on giving you the appearance of a top smile.

Braces and other orthodontic treatments work to move the jaw and teeth over to time. Regular appointments to make adjustments help to achieve the desired effect. It’s not just kids in high school that get braces and can fix crooked teeth these days, with many aesthetically pleasing options many adults are now wanting to fix their smiles. The length of your treatment is altered to suit you and may take anywhere from a couple of months to a year or even longer.



Implants are a great options for improving the smile of those that need an entire tooth replaced. There are many benefits to getting an implant other than just improving your smile such as improving speech and even the ability to chew.

Dental implants are commonly titanium which supports a crown generally made of porcelain or ceramic and are colour matched to your other teeth. This is a more permanent solution, however not everyone is suitable for this procedure.

Crowns generally cover over damaged or discoloured teeth or used with implants. They help to allow one to have a natural looking smile.



Veneers are added to the front of your teeth, to change the appearance of gaps, crooked teeth, cracks or chips in the teeth, and even permanent discolouration. They are custom fit to your teeth and are another option when considering teeth whitening and wanting a different shape to your teeth.



Simply get in touch with us at Top Smile. Whether you know what your looking for or not, booking an appointment with us is a great way to work out the best option for you and discuss any concerns you may have.



Book an appointment with us, share your concerns, have your teeth analysed by a professional and be given reliable and accurate feedback and advice about what we can do to give you a Top Smile.