Don’t Let A Holiday Party Send You Scrambling For The Dentist


Here are 4 simple tips to keep your mouth and smile healthy:
1. Don’t overdo the sweets & treats also, try to have sweets with meals instead of as isolated snacks. When snacking, there is less saliva present in the mouth, so acids don’t get rinsed away and teeth are at a higher risk of decay.

2. Wear a mouthguard when playing sports if your children are playing contact sports like rugby or any other activities that put their mouth, teeth and jaws at risk of injury from other players or impacts, they should wear a mouthguard.

3. Drink more water alcohol and fizzy drinks are often present at holiday parties and family gatherings, however excess consumption of these beverages can cause staining and dental cavities.

4. Schedule your dental exams 2 times a year. Staying on your recommended exam schedule will help ensure that your teeth stay strong and disease-free during the holiday season. If you have existing dental work, exams are especially important because we can tell when a filling, crown, veneer, or other dental work is nearing the end of its life. Then we can arrange for a replacement on your preferred schedule, as opposed to work breaking and forcing you into the office ASAP.

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