How many times I should brush?


We all know brushing our teeth is a must, but how often do we really need to? Should we use the dreaded floss? What about mouth rinse? An oral homecare routine can seem daunting, but is vital for a healthy smile. Your Spokane Dental team is here to take the guess work out of taking care of your teeth at home.

Twice A Day Keeps The Germs Away

It not only matters how often you brush your teeth, but the technique you use as well. Brushing twice a day keeps the bacterial load on your teeth down and prevents bad bacteria from running rampant and causing cavities, bad breath, and gum disease. Here’s how to do it, and trust us, once you get the hang of it brushing your teeth the right way will be simple:

  1. Split your mouth into four sections (called quadrants in the dental field): Upper Right, Upper Left, and Lower Right and Left.
  2. Pick a section and begin gently brushing is small circular motions along the gum line, with tooth brush bristles at a 45 degree angle to the tooth. Brush along the gum line of each tooth (on the cheek side and the tongue side), and then the top or biting surface of the tooth. For the tongue side of the front teeth tilt toothbrush up. We recommend spending 30 seconds per quadrant, and some electric toothbrushes even vibrate when it is time to move to the next section!

Other Considerations:

When it comes to brushing, harder is not better. Always use a toothbrush labelled “soft” or “extra soft” bristles. Anything more coarse will actually wear away the enamel and gums with use. The same goes for pressure in brushing. Harder brushing does not equal better brushing. When brushing teeth, we recommend about a half of a pound of pressure (AKA no hard scrubbing!). Whether using an electric or manual toothbrush, the same rules apply.

We also often get questions about mouthrinse. Yes, mouthrinse helps kill bacteria in the mouth, but only tooth brushing and flossing can actually remove plaque build-up. Because bacteria colonizes and forms a film on teeth, it has to be mechanically removed through brushing, and mouthrinse just won’t cut it.

Brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day and you will be well on your way to achieving or maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile!

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