My kid hates brushing teeth: what I can do to change that?


Getting a child to brush her teeth might seem harder than fetching dry sands from the sea, but it is not. It is easier telling a grown-up why he needs to often highlighting the benefits that come with it; but how do you make a reluctant child understand that? Most kids view this time as a time of dread. This is either due to the irritation the brush causes to their gum or because they just consider it a total waste of energy and unnecessary exercise. Caing and not letting a child brush their teeth isn’t an option to any parent when considering the havoc that not brushing can cause a child. You don’t let your child sleep under a roof, which is on fire all because he/she wants to. You will want to do everything in your reach to get such a child out of that building. Making sure your child brushes her teeth is as mandatory as illustrated above. So, how then do I make my child brush her teeth?

Simple ways of getting your child brush her teeth

Be the mirror!

Children learn faster by imitation than instruction. Do before them whatever you want to see them practice later. It is time to send an invite to that child whenever you want to brush your teeth. Let them watch while you brush and make it look so interesting that she couldn’t resist the temptation of having her toothbrush and start brushing her teeth.

Make brushing time a time to look forward to

Getting your child brush her teeth without struggle might require you to become a talebearer, the one who tells the fiddle diddle of how the spoon ran away with the dish. Let your child know there is a story to be told at brushing time. Make up stories that catch her attention and make her yearn for more. You may have to infuse a brief interesting sound of music while brushing or better still, make some funny sounds with your mouth and brush while brushing and ask the child to repeat after you. Kids are mostly inquisitive; she would likely comply without having a second thought.

Make them your shopping assistant when shopping for their oral care products.

Having kids pick out their own toothbrush and toothpaste might inspire them to brush often. It is most likely a child who is allowed to pick a brush of her choice would go for her favourite colour of brush or a brush with the image of her favourite cartoon character. Brushing time, therefore, is seen to be a task that they have more control over.

All these might not work all the time for every child due to individual differences. Of course, kids are personalities on their own too. One or two of these above methods would certainly work for your child if given a try.


Some kids love having a timer! You can get a two minute hourglass for them to use. This way they can look and see how long is left to brush and can keep being encouraged!

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