How to relieve teeth sensitivity?


Why are your teeth Sensitive?

It’s likely that your sensitivity is caused by more than just genetics. There may be many other factors that contribute to the sensitivity of your teeth such as incorrect brushing technique and even as simple as what your drinking.

The outer layer of your teeth is covered in what’s called the enamel, below this is a layer of dentin. Once the enamel is worn down then they become prone to sensitivity. This action is caused by what we eat and drink; whether it’s hot, cold, acidic or sweet it travels through the tubules of the dentin and aggravates the nerves below.

The radiating pain felt through the tooth may last for a few seconds, possibly even hours later. We would hate for you to be in any unnecessary pain that could be reduced or even prevented, so here we have a few of our top tips for reducing the sensitivity of your teeth.



1: Gentle Brushing

People think that the harder they brush the cleaner their teeth will be but this is false, gentle brushing reduces the risk of sensitivity. A brush with soft-bristles used twice a day whilst using an up and down motion gently in short strokes for at least to minutes is the most effective way to minimise the risk of sensitivity.

2: Reduce acidic food and drink intake

The enamel is worn away by acidic food and drinks, which from reading above you now understand why this leads to the sensitivity of your teeth, however it also leads to tooth decay. Nerves may also be exposed through the receding of the gums caused by acidic foods and drinks.

Some of which include citrus fruits, juices, and soft drinks. It’s definitely important to brush your teeth after eating or drinking these type of products however it’s crucial to wait at least 30 mins as the acid leaves the enamel of the teeth weak and therefore brushing can damage the enamel.

3: Be aware when bleaching teeth

There are currently many options for those wanting whiter teeth. The safest option is to always consult with your dentist before trying either at home whitening kits or dental office procedures. This is an important as your dentist is then able to give you their top recommendation based on you and your teeth.

4: Grinding your teeth

Bruxism is the condition in which one grinds their teeth, through this their enamel is worn down, eventuating into teeth sensitivity. Teeth grinding is common at night among many people. If this is the case then its a good idea to come see us at Top Smile. Stress may be the cause grinding your teeth, implementing stress relieving techniques into your lifestyle such as exercising may help minimise teeth grinding.

Need Help?

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If you have sensitive teeth this may be an indicator that there is a more serious underlying problem. Book an appointment with us, share your concerns, have your teeth analysed by a professional and be given reliable and accurate feedback and advice about what we can do to improve your sensitivity and give you a Top Smile.